The Philosophy


The one crucial skill required to succeed in life is the problem solving skill. While typically we are all good at solving problems of the kind we have seen before, a lot of us struggle when it comes to solving unseen problems. Naturally we don’t enjoy doing something we struggle with and hence avoid it. Eventually most of us don’t ever get a chance to develop this skill set.

On the other hand, those who can solve problems they haven't seen before become successful. People who can think creatively, use knowledge from one context in another are always in demand. It seems nothing is difficult for them, they can solve any puzzle, surmount any challenge, they know how to win!


In this era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it becomes all the more important that we possess these skills to stay relevant and keep pace with the technological advances. Hence, we wanted to appreciate and encourage lateral and logical thinkers who have the knack of solving these seemingly tricky problems - Those who could find creative solutions to the challenges of the new world.

That's where we employed puzzle! We all love solving puzzles. We all like to connect the dots to find out the bigger picture. More importantly, children have fun doing it. Puzzle solving is nothing but problem solving but with lots of fun. You can't mug up the solution to any puzzle or use a process to arrive at an answer unless you have really applied your brains.


We realized that a puzzle solving competition would not only make a fun activity for children, it will also enable parents to realize whether their child needs to develop their problem solving skills. And that's how Puzzle Bee began in the year 2016!

After 4 editions, we are thoroughly convinced that this is a great competition to encourage children to develop their problem solving skills. Puzzle Bee compels children to think on their own and makes them evaluate different approaches for solving a puzzle. This is a refreshing change from other competitions where they are tested for their preparation.

Puzzle Bee is a test of preparedness and not preparation. Preparedness is your ability to apply some skill anytime without specifically preparing for something. Your preparedness is what is important in most facets of life because problems and challenges often emerge unannounced. You don’t get any preparation time for life's challenges; you have to be prepared. In the same vein, Puzzle Bee is a test of what a child has learned over the years as against what she has practiced in the last few days or weeks.

Watch this video to know more!