Is the classroom enough?

The future of your child lies outside of the classroom but is your child’s mind still stuck in one ?

Scoring in exams and class tests doesn’t necessarily mean the child is excelling at real learning.

Our education system has always promoted rote learning as the essence of academics.

Hundreds of students across schools study the same syllabus, absorb the same curriculum, and solve the same set of problems and questions year after year.

Outside the classroom, the child faces a completely different world where the challenges are beyond the scope of everyday learning

A child who can tackle unseen problems and situations is truly confident and ready for the future.

Holistic Development is essential!

Is your child really playing to his/her maximum potential?

A child’s mind has no limitations when it comes to learning but a mundane and uni-dimensional curriculum can be very discouraging.

If the syllabus cannot grab children’s attention, their minds lose focus which affects their performance in class and outside of it.

Studies show that most kids are capable of much more than the challenges they face in an average classroom.

Do you want to give your child an extra edge over his/her life outside of the classroom?

What exactly is Puzzle Bee?

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence a lot of jobs will be replaced in the Near Future. Your child will need to:

  • Think Independently
  • Spot Patterns
  • Critically Evaluate Solutions
  • Solve Unseen Problems


...these skills are essential to stay relevant in the era of AI.

A fun and effective way to do this is through...PUZZLES!

Puzzles require all four of the above skills and aren't something you can mug up. It tests your brain and makes you solve unseen problems :)

Some sample Puzzles!

Our puzzles are very different from the "Traditional" puzzles. The main aim is to exercise the child's brain to think "out of the box" and get solutions fast

Day 1 - Sample Puzzle for Category A & B

Day 1 - Sample Puzzle for Category C, D & E

Day 2 - Sample Puzzle for Category A

Day 2 - Sample Puzzle for Category B and C

Day 2 - Sample Puzzle for Category D and E

To check out more sample puzzles and their solutions, click on the button below.

A Glimpse into Puzzle Bee 2019

Puzzle Bee will give your child the Edge:

Unorthodox Testing Style

The focus of the contest is on the problem-solving skills of the child rather than his/her memory. This truly unorthodox style of testing the critical thinking abilities of kids can have participants of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Skills not taught at Schools

Participants are tested on their logical/lateral thinking and problem-solving skills by challenging them with questions in the form of puzzles, something they would never expect at school.  

Unique Experience

Though there are several competitions focussing on learning and knowledge conducted across the country, PUZZLE BEE is unique and stands out because it's a fresh take on learning, unlike the run of the mill Olympiads.

Level Playing Field

Since the competition has no set syllabus which one can prepare from, contestants have a level playing field. Children are tested on their thinking abilities through puzzles and the age isn’t a factor that determines who excels.

Competition Format


Round 1 (Free Entry)

  • Open for all participants for Class 1-10
  • This round is completely free of cost
  • The competition is conducted in 5 categories:
    • Category A - Class 1 & 2
    • Category B - Class 3 & 4
    • Category C - Class 5 & 6
    • Category D - Class 7 & 8
    • Category E - Class 9 & 10
  • Participants can take the Round 1 test any time during the given time frame
  • Participants are also encouraged to try the sample questions before Round 1 test


Round 2

  • Everyone who score 50% or more in Round 1 will qualify
  • There will be a non-refundable registration fee of INR 200 for Round 2 - The fees will include an e-book on puzzles for practice
  • This round is also asynchronous but only attempt will be allowed
  • This round has separate rules which will be shared at the time of qualification


Round 3

  • Top 100 per category will qualify for this round
  • This round will be conducted synchronously - However, there will be multiple slots available on the given dates
  • This round has separate rules which will be shared at the time of qualification


* The actual number of qualifiers may be more than 100 in case there are multiple participants tied at the same score


Round 4

  • Only the top 10 in each category qualify for this round
  • This will be a peer vs peer competition against the clock
  • This will be a live session that would be conducted on ZOOM

Prizes & Goodies!

Round 1 Prizes

RD 1
  • Downloadable Participation certificates for all participants

Round 2 Prizes

RD 2
  • E-Book for all participants
  • Logicology Gift vouchers that can be used to avail discounts and offers on other programs

Round 4 Prizes

RD 4
  • Cash Prizes and Logicology Vouchers for Winners
  • Downloadable Achievement Certificates

Meet the Founders!

Gayatri Phadnis

Gayatri is a passionate educator who has seen the pinnacle of competitive brilliance. Be it a 99.56%ile in CAT 2008 or TATA Crucible Business Quiz, Gayatri has been there and done that. She is a regular participant in prestigious international and national level competitions related to STEM subjects.
She has authored a book on “Developing Mental Ability the fun way”. Gayatri pursued her engineering from the coveted VNIT and worked as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst before launching Logicology in 2016. Logicology’s purpose is to realize her dream of raising free and logical thinkers. She is a frequent speaker at conferences related to teaching and parenting. She also runs a parenting blog and a YouTube channel – Toddler Strides

Kartik Vyas

Kartik is the co-founder of Logicology. A passionate teacher, Kartik has been associated with different colleges (VNIT, IIT-Powai, NITIE , ISB-Mohali) as a mentor, coach and visiting faculty. For last 5 years he has been teaching a course on Business Intelligence and Analytics at the prestigious VNIT, Nagpur.
A marketing professional and zealous technologist, Kartik has a rich experience in the emerging fields of technologies including Analytics and Big Data. An alumnus
of VNIT & NITIE, Kartik has written and published many papers on varied topics. He is a winner of the coveted CSI Young IT Professional of the year award for his part in the team for the popular TV show Satyamev Jayate. Kartik is Gayatri’s partner in her exploits at Logicology and Tata Crucible Business Quiz.

Registrations now closed!


Round 1

Open till 31st October - Open round the clock (Multiple attempts allowed)

Round 2

15th October to 31st October - Open round the clock (Single attempt only)

Round 3

13th & 14th November - Slot based timings

Round 4

27th November

  • Category A & B Finals

28th November

  • Category C, D & E Finals


Details for Round 2 and beyond will be shared with the qualifiers along with the results

Registrations now closed!


Why should I register my child for this competition?

Our education system and all conventional exams and competitions focus on how well one can solve problems they have seen earlier. These exams are a measure of how well they remember what has been taught. Puzzle Bee is a unique competition where you will get to know how well your child can solve unseen problems. It will test their application of knowledge, logical & lateral thinking, problem solving skills etc.

How can I prepare my child for this competition?

Well, you can’t exactly prepare them for this in a short span. We put in a lot of research and come up with questions which they are unlikely to have seen earlier. While there is no specific curriculum, books or any reference material per se, we have shared some sample questions. While these questions would almost certainly not appear in the actual test, you will get an idea as to what kind of puzzles you can expect.

This is an online competition. I will ensure I won’t help my child solve the test, but what if other parents help their children and my child loses out?

We understand this is a genuine challenge given that the competition is completely online this year. The idea behind having this competition is to know how well a child can think independently. If any parent helps his/ her child, they are defeating the very purpose of this competition – This would help them do well in the competition but is not going to help them in the real sense at all. We expect everyone to follow the honour code and not help their children.

Can parents be present in the same room while the child is taking the test?

Yes, we do not mind parents being around when their children is taking the test, as the children (especially the younger ones - Categories A & B) may require technical assistance at times. Having said that, we expect that parents do not provide any assistance in solving the puzzles. We want parents to take into account the fact that this is a competition to test how well one can think "independently" :-).

My child is in Grade 1 and there would be Grade 2 students in the same category. Is it not unfair to expect my child to compete against elder children?

Definitely not. The skills that we are trying to evaluate are independent of the grade in which a student is. In the earlier editions of Puzzle Bee too, we have had two grades in the same category and quite often, the children from the younger grade have done well and even won in their respective categories.

Is the exam pattern same across all categories?

For Round 1, it is more or less similar. There are 10 puzzles with built-in tie breakers for each of the 5 categories. Needless to say, the level of puzzles differs per category. However, we have different patterns for Categories A & B and Categories C, D & E in the subsequent rounds. The specific details will be shared with the qualified participants later.